Tuition Payment Policies

Students are not required to pay more than one quarter in advance at a time.

Therefore, tuition is calculated for the courses of the quarter ahead, by multiplying the number of quarter credit hours of instruction with the tuition quarter credit hour rate of the program enrolled and adding the quarter fees (see the “Charge” section of the website).

The limitations above shall not apply to any funds received by BHDI through federal and state student financial aid grant and loan programs, or through any other federal or state programs.

At the student’s option, BHDI may accept payment in full for tuition and fees, including any funds received through institutional loans, after the student has been accepted and enrolled and the date of the first class session is disclosed on the enrollment agreement.

You may appeal for a monthly payment plan to pay your tuition. If you are approved to pay monthly, a $20 processing fee will be applied each month.

International Students are expected to deposit a reserve fund equivalent to 48 credits in advance for a single major and 64 credits for a double major and renew their reserve as soon as they used it.

As soon as an international student receives a letter of acceptance, he/she has 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of issuance, to wire transfer a first deposit of $5,000. Then, as soon as he/she obtain a visa,   the international student has to wire the rest of the reserve fund.

In case of an F-1 visa application denied and upon submission of the notice of denial, Beverly Hills Design Institute agrees to refund within 45 days, the amount wired less a $300 administrative fee. If the F-1 visa application is approved and you decide not to enroll, Beverly Hills Design Institute reserves the right to keep the initial deposit of $5,000.00.

In case of an F-1 visa application approval, you will have to wire transfer a reserve fund amount equivalent to 48 credits for a single major, 64 credits for a double major, less the $5,000.00 initial deposit, no later than two (2) months before the start of the quarter of enrollment. Failure to do so may result in a request for termination of your SEVIS record. You may apply for an exceptional circumstances payment plan. Please contact your admissions representative to appeal for alternative payment arrangements.

Students must either pay tuition and applicable fees or have other financial arrangements in place one month prior to the start of each term.

Students who anticipate difficulty adhering to these deadlines should contact the bursar’s office immediately.


Payment Due Due Date
Payment Due for Summer Quarter June 1st
Payment Due for Fall Quarter September 1st
Payment Due for Winter Quarter December 1st
Payment Due for Spring Quarter March 1st


Students who are not current on their payment plan or per course basis prior to the first day of instruction may not register for courses.

Additional late fees may incur.

Students can pay their tuition by check or Credit Cards.

If paid by Credit Card, a credit card fee will apply.

See the Non-Refundable and Special Fees page of the website.