BHDI Scholarship Program



The Beverly Hills Design Institute Scholarship is a conditional scholarship that may only be awarded once per student.

Applicants are required to present, in person or through video, a collection with three (3) groups of seven (7) pieces each including swatches. You must send your collection by email or DVD to your admissions representative. Please do not send the original.

Successful recipients display strong professionalism in presentation, career focused vision, either a High school or Higher Education transcript with a Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0., or at least two recommendations from either High School or Higher Education institution in addition to the professional judgment of the Scholarship Committee.

BHDI scholarships awards are conditional scholarships. The amount awarded is disbursed by increments of $1,000 every four quarters of attendance under the condition of maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.0. The award can be applied only to cover owed tuition and never be the object of cash refund to the student awarded. BHDI does not award more than one scholarship per student.

Application deadline is no later than 4 weeks prior the start of the enrollment. You will receive an interview date with the Scholarship Committee from your admissions representative.


Program Scholarship
Certificate $1,000
A.A. $2,000
A.A. Double Major $2,500
B.A./B.S. $4,000
B.A./B.S. Double Major $5,000