ART INSTITUTE TRANSFER STUDENTS: We will accept all you credits and transfer you under the same financials you had with AI. Apply immediately and do not pay the application fee. Send your AI Enrollment Agreement and your Unofficial Transcripts to for enrollment.


Enrolling US Citizen and Resident Students who wish to Double Major will have their two majors’ tuition charged as follows:


Undergraduate Programs (Associates and Bachelors)
Enrollment Status Full time
Number of credits per quarter 16
Tuition per credit $ 645
Tuition per quarter $ 10,320
Quarters per academic year 3
Tuition per academic year $ 30,960
Calendar years to graduate Associates* 2
Calendar years to graduate Bachelor* 4
Double Associates number of credits 124
Total Tuition for Associates Programs $ 82,560
Double Bachelors number of credits 248
Total Tuition for Bachelor Programs $ 165,120
Registration Fee $ 100
Total charge for Associate Programs** $ 82,660
Total charge for Bachelor Programs** $ 165,220

*A calendar year has 4 quarters.

**This amount does not reflect leaving costs, placement tests, courses retaken or audited, tutoring fees, private lessons, textbooks, tools, materials, noncredit and other extracurricular activity fees.