Enrolling International Students in a Single Major will have their tuition charged as follows:


Undergraduate Programs (Associates and Bachelors)
Enrollment Status Full time
Number of credits per quarter 12
Tuition per credit $ 729
Tuition per quarter $ 8,748
Quarters per academic year 3
Tuition per academic year $ 26,244
Calendar years to graduate Associates* 2
Calendar years to graduate Bachelor* 4
Associates number of credits 96
Total Tuition for Associates Programs $ 69,984
Bachelors number of credits 192
Total Tuition for Bachelor Programs $ 139,968
Registration Fee $ 140
Total charge for Associate Programs** $ 70,124
Total charge for Bachelor Programs** $ 140,108

*A calendar year has 4 quarters.

**This amount does not reflect leaving costs, placement tests, courses retaken or audited, tutoring fees, private lessons, textbooks, tools, materials, noncredit and other extracurricular activity fees.