Tiffany TRUMP, daughter of Donald TRUMP and Marla MAPLES, sews her own made-to-measure couture garment

“My girls’ design illustrations have improved so much. You have a great technique.”
-Mabel Cardenas, Hudson Jeans, Pacific Palisades

“This is my daughter’s third session. Last year she came for session 1 and 2. I have seen an amazing evolution and refinement of taste and I am impressed by her drawings. I was really pleased by her development and by her progress. I love the blouse that she made. It is very creative.”
-Hana Novak, San Luis Obispo
“Thanks for the press releases of my daughter. I’m so proud!!”
-Sandi Cohen, Pacific Palisades

“Thank you so much for sending us the nice photos of Mari!
It was a great experience for her to be included in the Fashion Show, and she learned a lot.

“Julia had a great time and would have signed up for the second session if we would have been in town.  She has a much clearer understanding of the entire process now.  Hopefully she’ll be able to return in the future. Thanks so much!”
-Megan McConnell, Los Angeles