Success Center

The Student Success Center, under the authority of the Chief Academic Officer has set mission to facilitate the academic experience and learning outcomes of the student body by offering and organizing different academic and counseling services and activities.

BHDI is convinced that is by teaching the “teachers” that students profit from the learning outcomes of the program. Teaching gives the opportunity to students to review their knowledge and structure their skills. Therefore, students are encouraged to tutor each other.

Through the Student Success Center, senior students willing to engage in free tutoring activities, are available to meet with students in need, to help them prepare for tests and midterms, give input and feedback on projects, and aid them on their overall comprehension of the course material.

It is strictly prohibited for BHDI students to teach active or former BHDI students, or outsiders, techniques and knowledge learned at BHDI without proper authorization of the BHDI administration.

For Free Tutors contacts students are invited to make a request to the Student Success Center.

Students in need of academic help can also hire a private tutor. Private tutors are professors of BHDI. The exact amount charged is determined by the tutor and is paid directly to the tutor by the student. Private tutoring sessions are not paid for by BHDI.

For Private Tutors contacts students are invited to make a request to the Student Success Center.


BHDI encourages students to form study groups in order to share knowledge and achieve academic success.

Students may contact the Student Success Center for help in organizing a study group.

All BHDI students have access to academic advisors.

Students should plan to meet with their advisor at least once a quarter, which ensures proper academic planning over their course of study at BHDI.

BHDI invites students to seek academic advice from faculty members, Division Chairs and Department Chairs.

Some instances may require mandatory meetings with an advisor to review academic situations and formulate or review and revise as needed plans of study (please check the Academic Probation Policy).

Additional academic assistance, including information about Time Management, Study Skills, Test Anxiety, Note Taking Skills, and other areas that have a bearing on academic success, can be obtained by contacting the Student Success Center.

Peer mentoring is a voluntary program run by the Chief Academic Officer in which Professors and Senior Students provide guidance and support to incoming students who are new to the BHDI community.

A mentor can provide answers to questions about the school, particular programs, classes, and more.

If you would like to either request a mentor or become one, contact the Chief Academic Officer.