Services Center

The Student Services Center organizes the reception and the orientation of all new students at BHDI, where they learn how to use BHDI for success.

In addition, and because we believe in the importance of the uniqueness of each artist that enter our community as being a guarantor of a rich economy, students are encouraged to meet with their mentor each quarter to compare their observation, awareness and the self-realization of their uniqueness while comparing with the ones of the BHDI community.

Furthermore, students are advised to keep track of their progresses by posting their work on social services like, Instagram or twitter.

Through this process, students understand and stay focus on their productivity, their products, the mission they carry, and the niche market they best fit in.

Students are encouraged to seek help and advice from the Director of Student Services.

The Office of Student Services staff can provide support and guidance for both school and non-school matters that cause stress, anxiety, or worry.

Whether it is a one-time meeting or regular check-ins, we recommend students seek out the advice and support needed to be successful.

Should students have issues or concerns with a fellow student, a staff person, or faculty member, the Office of Student Services is there to provide guidance on how to handle the matter.

For official complaints and grievances please see the Grievance Policy and the Satisfactory Academic Progress sections of this catalog.

In addition to one-on-one meetings, the Office of Student Services can also provide referrals and recommendations to individuals and organizations in the community who can provide additional help.

BHDI does not have dormitory facilities under its control at this time; however, there are different available housing solutions located reasonably near BHDI and in the range of $900 – $1300 for a single bedroom apartment.

For housing and transportation assistance, roommate and ride exchange, students should contact the Director of Admissions.

The purpose of the Student Senate is to coordinate and regulate activities and issues of concern to the BHDI student.

The Student Senate represents the BHDI students’ voice as the official student government association on campus. The Senate meets monthly to discuss campus concerns, regulate campus activities, review or create procedures involving student organizations and activities, and respond to campus regulations that affect the student body as a whole.

The Cafeteria is the social hub of BHDI. It is a convenient place to grab a cup of coffee or a sandwich, chat with friends, and relax between classes. School announcements, updates, and important information are often posted on the bulletin boards in the Cafeteria area. The bulletin boards also provide information on school activities, campus organizations, and community events.


Students are encouraged to join an existing club or organize a new club.

To propose the creation of a new club, a student should make a Club proposal to the Student Services Center.

Clubs that have been approved are posted on the BHDI Student Information Site, Populi.

The Office of Student Services arranges many events for students throughout the year. Information about upcoming events is posted throughout the campus and can be obtained from the Office of Student Services.

Although BHDI does not assume responsibility for a student’s medical fees, the College does maintain a list of qualified doctors to whom students are referred. The administration is attentive to student needs and assists the student in securing appropriate medical attention when it becomes necessary.

Medical facilities in Los Angeles are excellent, and hospitals and health centers are located within a few miles of the campus.

All international students are required to have Health Insurance coverage during their stay at BHDI.

BHDI has contracted with International Student Organization to offer the recommended COMPASS Platinum plan allowing international students to afford excellent medical facilities in the vicinity of the school.

You can enroll through (When asked for the school choice, select Academy of Couture Art).