Career Center

Even if the final step before employment passes by the Career Center, the whole process to prepare you to your dream career is ongoing throughout your education and included in each subject or module.

This specific instruction is designed to give you that edge in successfully gaining the employment for which you are training.

Instruction may include areas such as:

  • Proper Grooming for Successful Interviews,
  • Resume writing,
  • Successful Interviewing Techniques,
  • Mock Interviews,
  • Employment applications.

Instruction through Career development leads many students to eye opening approaches to job searching and ultimately, successful employment.

Only the employer can make that final decision.  Beverly Hills Design Institute Career Center provides direct assistance as students near their completion date and beyond graduation.

Graduating students are strongly encouraged to meet with their designated Career Assistance Coordinator, submit a typed resume and perform a mock up interview with portfolio presentation.

Beverly Hills Design Institute maintains a Career Center to assist graduates in contacting companies in order to secure employment.

The Career Center may act as a liaison between the graduate and the employment community.

Information on job search techniques is provided to soon-to-graduate students and graduates based on current needs of local businesses and industries.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with and utilize the services offered by the Career Center.

The Career Center Assistance Coordinator helps graduates develop and/or locate positions which best match the student’s capabilities and experiences.  The Career Center Assistance Coordinator is always available to assist in future years when the graduate is ready for career service or with Alumnus who contemplate a change in employment.  Graduates of Beverly Hills Design Institute School are priority for Career Center assistance from Beverly Hills Design Institute.

In order to effectively utilize the services of the Career Center, the soon-to-graduate or graduate must agree, at a minimum, to the following policies regarding Career Center assistance:

  1. An initial meeting with the Career Center Coordinator.
  2. Completion and submission of the Employment Questionnaire to the Career Center Coordinator.
  3. Completion and submission of a typed resume to the Career Center Coordinator in an acceptable format.
  4. Weekly communication with the Career Center Coordinator. If an appointment with an employer or with the Career Center Coordinator cannot be kept, prior to the appointment, a call must be made to the Career Center and/or employer to reschedule.
  5. In order to enhance the employment potential of each graduate, the Career Center should be notified immediately of the results of each interview and when a job is offered and/or accepted.
  6. Graduates must have the legal right to accept employment in the United States (Graduates who are not citizens must produce proof of eligibility to obtain employment, i.e. a Green Card, Work Permit, or letter from the INS showing a valid “A” number.)
  7. Graduates must keep the Career Center advised on any changes in name (in case of marriage), address, telephone number, temporary absence from the area, and of course, employment status.
  8. When meeting with the Career Center and/or an employer, always DRESS FOR SUCCESS.
  9. Completion of internship.

The amount of effort put forth by the student is the most critical factor. Cooperation in the process will assure a more positive result.

Beverly Hills Design Institute’s primary objectives are to provide the student training and educate each student as well as assist them with employment in their chosen field. Beverly Hills Design Institute does not offer employment as an incentive to enrollment.

Our curriculum is designed with your professional exposure in mind. Fashion Show Preparation courses are required to develop your collection in Fashion Designer and Pattern Designer real-world collaboration. Regular fashion shows allow for immediate exposure to our strong industry network solidifying internship and career opportunities.

Even if internships are not required to graduate at BHDI and to not build credits toward graduation, they are regarded as a valuable contribution to the preparation of the future professionals of the fashion industry.

The Work of Art program connects students, mentors, and design companies for contracted work on a project basis. This organization prepares students for real-world production and design floors under the supervision of the college’s professional mentors. From these contacted projects, companies have opportunity to test and hire new members to their team.

The Dream Team program is hand-picked by the college President to prepare for entrepreneurial roles and business development. Start-ups, organizations, and clothing lines are among projects established through this team.

The President Mentorship Program honors students recognized for being career driven, focused on production, and eager to learn. Hand-picked students receive opportunity to work one-on-one with the College President to develop specific garments and fashion products for elite clients. This program allows highly motivated students access to refined design aesthetics that further advance coursework and career oriented results.

Extracurricular internships offer students opportunity to experience the fashion industry hands-on. Pace and organization of fashion companies are observed through on-site tasks in the students’ field of study. Candidates must display consistency and reliability in coursework. One year of study or more is typically required and requests for extracurricular internship must be approved by the President.