The Playboy Mansion kicked off Halloween with a smashing party October 27th in Beverly Hills. The fairest of them all was Snow White; Trisha Frick, girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, looked enchanting.

“Such a great opportunity to work on a special costume from measuring it to final fitting and … being able to make it for beauty, not just to complete it.” – Katherine ENYART, Beverly Hill Design Institute Pattern Design Chairperson.

Beverly Hill Design Institute was honored by a second commission from the Mansion to design and create Trisha’s couture Halloween costume. Her 2012 theme of Snow White was a very special dedication to her dear friend Halley.

“Excited and nervous, excited because you get to gain experience for the future, nervous because you know it has to be perfect.” – Valery MIRANDA, Fashion Design, Freshman.

Perfection, beauty, and love was shared among Beverly Hill Design Institute community as the team crafted Trisha’s costume. We hear it first from our student designer Laura KIRANI:

Snow white she said…Trisha Frick was her name simple and yet beautiful, she charmed us all when she walked in. An announcement was made, by the Saturday before Halloween, a sexy Snow White was to be made. I dazzled most at the thought of being able to see the fabric, to be able to be apart of creating something so extravagant, so bold and original, being able to give life to a costume of such desire and grace. With each passing seam, like air filling a baby’s lungs for the first time, life takes the form of this costume, with every pressing of the iron giving it more shape, like opening your eyes and seeing for the first time. With each pin and connection of the pieces, giving me a feeling of excitement and feeling of flying that we did this, all of us. We gave life to that which starting as nothing less of cut fabric, lifeless and plain just awaiting the day in which to be whole.” – Laura KIRANI, Fashion and Pattern Design, Freshman

Thank you Trisha for the amazing experience! You are gorgeous both inside and out. With love from Beverly Hill Design Institute design team: (intro group picture left) Anna SOTNICHENKO, Laura KIRANI, Rahel SHAREW, Nikolle RAMIREZ MEJIA (Right) Kym SHERMAN aka Kym Stylz, Emma CHEN, Valery MIRANDA, Nicole GRANT with special thanks to mentors Sonia ÉTÉ and Katherine ENYART.

Hear it from the Team:

How did you feel? What will you take from the experience? Would do it again?

“I liked working with passionate teachers, friendly class mates, and just over all loved it.” – Emma CHEN

“Admiration of others with years of experience to design a gorgeous Halloween costume.” – Kym Stylz

“Helped me by giving me the opportunity to work in a group and gain that experience for the future.” – Nikolle RAMIREZ

“Definitely do it, to have opportunity to work on an elaborate costume, to learn about the construction of the costume and to be able to work as a team again.” -Nicole GRANT

“Love to, appreciate the possibility that Sonia gave us to help, very inspired to help work on future projects.” -Anna SOTNICHENKO.