Tisha Campbell Martin is not only an amazing performer, but also, an example of compassion and love for the world with a huge heart and the ability to forgive in spite of the devastating pain she went through.

This is the theme behind the magical music video she just released, “Steel Here”.

The Couture gown “animated” by the dance team, has been created by Sonia ÉTÉ, Celebrity Couturier Designer and Founder of Beverly Hills Design Institute, with the help of the skillful hands of Katherine ENYART, Pattern Design Department Chair Person at BHDI.

The Bodice is embellished with melted “baby” spoons (created by Bachelor of Science in Pattern Design student Chelsea ATTAWAY) and wrapped with small bandages in reference to the brutal loss of innocence Tisha suffered.

Enjoy this powerful video that celebrates maintaining a pure heart in the midst of darkness.