Dearest Future Life Designers,

The seeds of success in any field includes the following components: Imagination, Inspiration, Creation, and Transformation.

Congratulations on your decision to seek a life career of creativity and achievement in the rewarding, yet challenging world of Design. I believe that a commitment to a higher education reflects a commitment to a higher purpose.

When in doubt or at a crossroads in my life, I have always turned to my faith in a higher power to find the wisdom to choose the right life path.

I went through such challenging time at the beginning of my career as a Fashion Designer. Upon graduation with a degree in fashion, I found myself with neither the practical training needed, nor the support necessary to secure a promising position in the fashion industry.  It took me several years of higher education and a succession of unrewarding positions, to become a successful designer.

Through this long and difficult journey, I learned what it takes to be a life-long expert professional in the Fashion Industry.

Now that I have realized my primary goal and had the opportunity for many years to prepare future successful designers, I set mission to share with you my vision of fashion education and business in order to ease your path to success.

Through your journey at Beverly Hills Design Institute, you will find, not only the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge  necessary for a freshly graduated professional to be recognized as exceptional, but also to translate rapidly your creativity, talent and dedication into a successful career.

Be assured that we are not only committed to guide you during your preparation at BHDI, and your first steps in the industry, but also for your entire career development in the professional world.

Your success is our mission.

I wish you all the blessings your deserve on your journey to success,

Sonia Été

Founder – President