In order to achieve its goal, Beverly Hills Design Institute is committed to attain the following objectives:

To provide student-centered curriculum and instruction focused on developing relevant skills, knowledge, and experience in accordance with current market reality by:

  • Developing career programs that specialize students to the specific needs of the industry;
  • Encouraging and monitoring uniqueness and creativity as necessary for original and attractive production; and 
  • Assessing student academic progress and learning outcomes.

To support effective teaching and learning through appropriate facilities, equipment, and faculty services by:

  • Providing faculty development consistent with new curriculum, materials and best practices;
  • Providing hardware and courseware to support and facilitate instruction; 
  • Developing and maintaining facilities and services appropriate to a population of students from diverse backgrounds; and
  • Striving to promote a culture of teaching.  BHDI actively pursues teaching as a core institutional value and promotes a positive culture of teaching. Such an optimal teaching culture would include supportive institutional policies; opportunities for instruction in pedagogy; ongoing formative and summative evaluation of teaching methods and teaching programs; assessment of student learning; and a coherent infrastructure that supports teaching, encourages BHDI’s belief in entrepreneurship, and builds community through collaboration.

To support and advance student retention by:

  • Monitoring indicators of academic performance related to retention;
  • Providing a teaching methodology that is practical, participative, relevant to the career prepared, keep the level of interest and encourage creativity, independent learning, and critical thinking skills;
  • Providing counseling to keep students focused in attaining their professional goals; and
  • Providing opportunities for students to develop leadership, communication, teamwork skills and to teach to the community.

To support and advance student placement and graduate satisfaction by:

  • Providing placement assistance that match the unique talents and skills of the graduate with the right employer;
  • Offering tools and events that give employers access to future graduates portfolios and performances; and
  • Surveying current and former students.

To provide activities that support and advance employer satisfaction by:

  • Soliciting the input of the school’s Advisory Board
  • Providing to future employers specialized professionals immediately operational;
  • Providing continuing education opportunities to stay on top of the market;
  • Raising the financial and ethical responsibilities and accountability of the future professionals; and 
  • Conducting outreach to and obtaining feedback from actual and local potential employers.