Two weeks before the annual Playboy Mansion Midsummer Night’s Dream Party 2012, BHDI student designers were commissioned to make Moroccan inspired costumes for Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, Trisha Frick and Chelsea Ryan.

“We are enamored by both ladies. They had the most amazing personalities – so gentle and positive. It made for an experience beyond our expectations.”

“It was really special to see our method of making clothes on such gorgeous bodies. The design really came to elegance when you saw the fit and how it accentuated their unique body. I was amazed and really proud!”

Shared thoughts on the experience resounded as the BHDI team came together to make the couture look. Karla Osorio and Rahel Sharew assisted with mentors Katherine Enyart and Sonia ÉTÉ on taking their measurements and drafting the design pattern. In addition they worked with a team for couture embellishment including Anna Bazhaeva, Kattie Panchuk, Slava Tsoy, Raquel van Daalen Wetters, Angela Wu, and Margaret Roberts.